6 Quick Style Tips: Dressing Your Age

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Happy New Year! Did you hear about the weird instagram drama involving Gabrielle Union? Basically, she posted a cute outfit pic and a rando commenter chided her for not “dressing her age”. Gabrielle responded, properly putting the commenter in her place. This got me thinking about what dressing one’s age actually means, especially in a time when age is hard to decipher, and clothing rules are getting more fluid.

Et voila, the fruit of my mental labor: 6 quick pieces you’re never too old for.

image: vince

1. Leather. 

Whether real or faux, leather has no age limit. And that not only applies to leather jackets, but also pantsskirts, you name it. You don’t have to stick to black either. I love a good ivory or forest green too.



image: pinterest

2. Graphic tees. 

Graphic tees are particularly perfect under blazers. They will never go out of style, and you’ll never age out. The graphics can be words, pics, sketches, something in French – anything really. Extra points for wearing an authentic old concert tee. I have an Adele concert tee I am sitting on in the hopes that in a decade it will be cool to wear an Adele concert tee. Fingers crossed.



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3. Layered jewelry. 

Layers of jewelry are not reserved for the youths! Layer on necklaces, bracelets, and rings to your heart’s delight. You can even mix metals, I promise.



image: madewell

4. Distressed jeans. 

For a little edge, I always look to distressed jeans. The distressing can range from a simple raw hem, to full-on knee holes, or anywhere in-between. Denim distressing is chic for all ages, and can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion.



image: emerson fry 

5. Animal Prints.

Animal print is a funny one because it can be considered both too young and too old. To get it right, stick to classic shapes, like a car coat, block heel, or scarf (just not all together). I would probably steer clear of animal print pants if you’re concerned about looking age-appropriate, but anything else is really fair game.



image: pinterest

6. Metallics. 

Shimmery shirts, pants, and dresses are super chic for everyone. While I’m not a huge fan of sequins (personal choice), gold, bronze or silver hued clothing is just as dressy with a bit more sophistication.




  • Pat says:

    Great tips and I couldn’t agree more.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Best of luck with your new clothing line. You have good, solid ideas, what it takes to be successful.

    A new fan,

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