The best sandal to hide bunions

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pour la victoire mim sandals

So this is not the most glamorous topic, but with summer in full swing it’s a necessary one.

I suffer from bunions, although I prefer to call them foot blemishes as it sounds less ugly, right?

Anyway, while mine are not super painful yet, they are noticeable when wearing sandals. I recently purchased these gladiator-esque sandals from Pour La Victoire and am super happy with how they camouflage my you-know-whats.

While drawing attention to the precise spot you want to hide may seem counterintuitive, it’s the same concept I preach about when it comes to body areas you’d like to distract from. Often times, putting design details and patterns in that area will actually camouflage the spot. With the sandal, the toe wrap lands just above the bunion, and works to distract from it. Like magic.

Below are some similar toe wrap and ring styles for keeping your feet looking chic and ‘blemish’ free.

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